Enterprise email marketing can not be overlooked

Email based e-mail marketing is also an important part of network marketing, Email marketing itself and the formation of a relatively complete network marketing branch.

Some studies report that

Email marketing is very effective, such as professional network advertising company DoubleClick in "marketing report" Email 2002 fourth quarter figures show that the fourth quarter of 2002 Email marketing hit rate of 6.4%, a certain increase compared to the third quarter of 6.1%, in the online advertising (including Email advertising) click rate continues decline in the environment is very commendable thing.

in the country, e-mail marketing is also very effective. In particular, the enterprise mailbox (to corporate personalized domain name suffix), its role is not only to reflect the corporate image, strengthen internal management, marketing, and its deep meaning is a manifestation of service. Many people have had this experience, his interest in the business, not only dislike the newsletter, and hope to get more information from the connection can provide mail, and hope to obtain business related services email reminders, important notice.

according to the National Retail Federation Shop.org Forrester marketing research institutions and research new discoveries, not least the economic downturn as opportunities for expansion of the enterprises that email is one of the most important contact with customers, and the majority of enterprises are planning to use email, will launch new products, promotions and other information sent to the customer and feedback from customers.

in the economic crisis when the bottom of the situation, many enterprises have joined the blue sea to seek survival and development. As one of the basic application platform and one of the network marketing methods, the enterprise mailbox has been paid more and more attention by the enterprises. From 263 to carry out violent campaign, the NetEase announced its entry into the high-profile enterprise mailbox market, and then to M-net, US orange Internet and other top-level domain host ISP vendors compete moves……. Actively preparing for the manufacturers to seize the enterprise mailbox market, it is not difficult to see that the enterprise mailbox in the future of e-commerce plays an important role.

enterprise website is the basic tool to carry out the network marketing, is the basis of network marketing, Email marketing and corporate Web site can be independent of each other, but also can promote each other relations.

enterprise website is a platform to collect user Email marketing resources, join the mailing list users are usually located in the site of the "subscription box" to carry out at the same time, the website for e-mail list can be necessary for promotion, and mailing list content through the browser provides a convenient reading, so as to promote the final Email marketing the effect of.

although there is no website can also carry out Email marketing, but based on the site to carry out Email marketing better, time marketing expert Huang Xiangru believes that the main performance