Diamond B2C industry development solutions

at the end of the end is fixed for 09 years with his hand in hand into the marriage hall of the new, fast rhythm of life so that they do not have the energy to go to the mall to buy, and catch up with the economic crisis in this environment, they make more and more rational choice for marriage, the wedding can abandon the complex simple, reduce unnecessary extravagance and waste, but the wedding ring is essential, which is the reason for the economic crisis in the background of the diamond consumption has not been much affected.

online shopping experience at the end of the end will have time to soak in the Internet, learning all kinds of knowledge through the layers of diamond, comparison, finally in the two ring of indecision, a diamond ring is more love style, while the diamond quality is not satisfied, and another is from the Guli LAN custom ring, very love on the quality of the diamond and diamond ring style is a little old-fashioned, in case of consulting the customer service website, two people understand that this ring can completely by their own personality DIY in Guli LAN respectively choose their own styles, and diamond case, by the professional technical personnel Guli LAN the mosaic, completely solve the problem of two people. Guli LAN diamond net customer service in the carefully recorded detailed information of two people, 15 commitment will be able to get within their goods.


waiting time is always a long, but at the end of the end and get in the ring after Kobayashi, regardless of the price or service are very satisfied! As the two love crystal diamond was the most perfect results

!At present

network marketing model has become increasingly popular diamonds in the United States, was born in 1999 BlueNile, 2004, BlueNile sales surpassed Bvlgari (Bvlgari), Cartier (Cartire) and Tiffany (Tiffany) combined sales of three famous jewelry brand, and in the same year listed on nasdaq. In just 7 years, BlueNile has become the world’s largest online diamond sales company, its influence far more than many traditional jewelers.

data show that China users has exceeded 250 million, more than 30 million people online shopping, e-commerce is the experience of the time accumulation, according to the China gem association predicted that the current Chinese each year about 10 million couples married, wedding consumption amounted to 250 billion yuan, as long as there is 1/10 for the jewelry consumption. The year is 25 billion yuan in the consumer space, at the same time China has become the world’s second largest jewelry consumer after. Chinese people’s growing demand for diamonds, with the continued growth of the domestic middle class, the huge market potential of diamond jewelry. All these hard conditions have spawned the development of the diamond B2C industry.

is in the process of online shopping at the end of the end with Kobayashi much still some worry, after all, this is different from the diamond luxury clothes cosmetics products of hundreds of yuan, which is virtually restricts the development of the diamond industry B2C. The same problem that consumers can’t really feel