A mess of cross border tax


original title "the most shocking day: cross-border electricity supplier tax encounter"

anxiously waiting in the industry, cross-border import electricity supplier positive list in the last night (April 7th) around 21 points before release. It is said that the list of goods can be imported through cross-border bonded mode. A large number of cross-border electricity providers to get a list of firepower, from the free trade zone is not on the positive list of valuable goods. Once in the night 00:00, all the goods in the warehouse must be taxed according to the new tax system.

April 8th, effective the first day of the cross-border import electricity supplier tax regulations, the world network operators team interviewed a number of industry insiders, interpretation of the sea Amoy tax shock wave for you.

in the past 100 yuan beauty orders can enjoy duty-free concessions, more than the amount levied to parcel tax, consumption tax, exempt from value added tax policy at the end of April 8th, Hangzhou Comprehensive Experimental Zone Xiasha bonded warehouse, the low price goods last night are lots of rescue chamber".

electricity supplier to the world network operators "authority" said that because of some commodity inspection department has not yet issued the declaration, some ports have decided to suspend the implementation of the April 8th since the new cross-border declaration, which may lead to consumers scouring the sea parcel clearance needs to shut down.

The archives of Guangzhou Customs enterprise

after Hugo disclosure also shows that Guangzhou customs in the night after the system switch, since at 0:00 on April 8th to stop accepting declaration of the list, before this has been sent, but not in the list, will be unified for chargeback processing, until the system in accordance with the new tax policy update is completed, will be accepted in accordance with the new policy format fill in the declaration form for the new tax system.


inspection company staff told the "world network", early this morning by various foreign health care products brand phone woke one morning are asking why not receiving telephone customs. Although the Ministry of Finance in the last finishing touches of the "positive list" were included in the health care products, but in the form of additional restrictions, and no official rules, customs that don’t know how to define these goods, so decided to "stay outside.

authority of electricity providers have also confirmed that the "positive list" in addition to health care products and cosmetics, baby milk powder, the most popular cross-border category, have added restrictions, and no official rules; in the interpretation of senior people in the industry, basically the category in the future according to the regulation of imported goods, which probably means that the bulk of cross-border milk, cosmetics and health care products will not be able to buy through cross-border bonded mode.

destroyed soon:

liquid milk catastrophe?

lasted two years of cross-border electricity supplier boom last night experienced the biggest shock, everything is so unprepared. The implementation of tax reform was possible news from mid March, March 24th, three ministries jointly issued the cross-border electricity retail imports of the new tax system, April 8th will be implemented immediately, in opposition to the industry, the Ministry of finance will stand.