Business School cross border electricity supplier to meet the community economy from the star count

if 2015 was the first year of cross-border electricity supplier, the 2016 is the beginning of social economy, so when the two collision together, and will create what kind of picture, from the stars in "Oh 8!" the first picture for us at the beginning of.

customer profile

"Oh! 8" brand integrated marketing O2O services business brand Chinese first Korean theme, is a focus on South Korean businesses, brands, and culture consulting services extended to Chinese in the real economy, through the "Oh! 8" Internet e-commerce platform operation, and set up shop in the form of solid experience, to synchronize online and offline development of integrated marketing services business platform.

behind the operating company is Guangdong Hong Shang Enterprise Management Limited, a very young entrepreneurial company, now the team has 50 employees, of which 80, 90 young people accounted for 85%; the core team members are from Iqiyi video, shop No. 1,, fashion media group, the success of the Internet and media companies there are rich; electronic commerce, media integrated marketing experience and resources. The main "Oh! 8" all media magazine, "Oh!!" the whole network of electronic mall, free trade cross-border business platform, integrated marketing business 8. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, has access to venture capital A round of investment funds.

project background and business challenges

as a predecessor for all media magazine, has a natural advantage in the community of customer resources, years of business gathered a large number of Korean fans, content creation has become the trend of cultural dissemination of Korean industry leader. In terms of channels, "Oh! 8" in the major convenience stores, airlines, high-speed rail lines. At the same time, there are a lot of media and business partners in korea. In order to fully activate community members, "Oh! 8" need to establish a trading window, through spike, panic, buy and other ways to connect the two ends of the Korean resources. In this business, to build a stable, secure and flexible trading platform has become the inevitable choice, "Oh! 8" in the business school’s ONex, is a rich experience behind the value of the business products, strong technical strength and cross-border projects.

in addition, in order to reduce the risk of cross-border business, "Oh! 8" choose to use light asset operation. The project team after repeated communication, specifically for its innovation – cross-border business. Mall is not only the sale of their own cross-border goods customers, but also the goods of third party companies. When the members of the mall in the purchase of a number of enterprises at the same time cross-border goods, the system by the supplier orders and payment of a single split, respectively, to push the customs, customs clearance for customs clearance. In this way, it will be an extension of the original category to the whole category, a full range of community members to meet the needs of the product, which greatly enhance the sales. At the same time cross-border electricity supplier, the need to get through a lot of links, such as logistics, customs, payment, etc., the move also helps customers greatly improve the efficiency of customs clearance.

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