Amazon Kindle products officially on sale Suning


technology news on June 7th news, Suning announced today with Amazon, the Amazon Kindle Kindle and Fire HD tablet in June 7th in Suning stores, Tesco official listed Suning stores and other channels, in addition to become the Amazon official mall Chinese mainland exclusive retail channels.

June 7th 16, Amazon began selling Kindle products in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Chengdu and other stores, Suning Tesco official store channels.

it is understood that the listing of a total of three models of Kindle products, of which Amazon ebook Kindle Paperwhite priced at $849. Amazon kindle fire HD (16G), amazon kindle fire HD (32G) two tablet products priced at $1499, $1799.

addition to product sales, Amazon and Suning will also cooperate in terms of content. At present, Suning has established a cooperative relationship with nearly 1000 publishers and original literature website, the first batch of the introduction of e-books nearly 50 thousand. The two sides will integrate these content services, Suning e-book city resources will give Kindle content support.


days ago by agreement with Chinese online, authorized legal authorization, access to more than 400 domestic publishing institutions, more than 2000 well-known writers and 10 thousand network copyright.

Su ningyun president Jin Ming said, Suning has a chain of channels, extensive electronic commerce network, Suning will give full play to their own advantages, Kindle hardware in the Chinese power market development, at the same time, Suning will join Amazon, provides a new reading experience for users. (Luo Liang)