Decoding kilometer network electricity companies electricity providers such as stone said lecture

days ago, kilometer network launched for the traditional consumer goods manufacturers and distributors to enhance the ability of enterprise business transformation platform electricity providers such as stone said, "in the online open class form for traditional manufacturers to teach the experience and wisdom of the transformation of the electricity supplier.

according to the kilometer network responsible person, "said electricity providers such as stone" by the kilometer network CEO Shi Zhengchuan personally led command, to become the most real enterprise business transformation ability promotion platform. "Electricity providers such as stone said" as a set of theory and practice as one of the enterprises to enhance the ability of the transformation of the electricity supplier platform, through professional tutor team and a deep understanding of the electricity supplier to help enterprises achieve rapid and efficient completion of the operation mode of the electricity supplier transformation, upgrading and sales promotion.


at present, "Stone said electricity providers such as video content" available on Youku, Iqiyi, Tencent, Sohu, can listen to the audio content in Himalaya, dragonfly FM, writing programs concern public number can grasp the kilometer network.

kilometer network attached great importance to the electricity supplier such as stone said "content building, called Shi Zhengchuan, including the kilometer network CEO electricity supplier trader Jiang Bo, senior financial payment professional big coffee expert Wu Renmin, founder of the laboratory, the speed of social power operation expert Pan Rongbo, senior Internet geek station /CEO founder Xu Lin and other firms in the industry with practical experience. As a lecturer, the traditional enterprise teaching.

Shi Zhengchuan, kilometer network CEO electricity supplier operating companies, experts, electricity providers of cloud services leading brand HUAWEI, kilometer network, served as director of the office of the Asia Pacific and the Middle East, North Africa market product director. Since 2005, starting their own business, founded the European fly network, hunting treasure network, kilometer network, buy more than 1 billion of the market value of more than every day, more than 20 Internet venture investment companies.

Jiang Bo, a senior trader electricity supplier, is committed to provide electricity for the traditional industry solutions, leading hundreds of well-known large traditional enterprise electronic business solutions. 2005 began to get involved in e-commerce, in 2009 co founded NINGPAI technology, is committed to providing electricity supplier solutions for traditional industries. Led hundreds of well-known large traditional enterprise electricity supplier solutions. On behalf of the case: LETV mall, Weigang, set every day good shopping platform, Phoenix online mall, my music cabinet official mall, fairy pocket mall, swing net official.

Wu Renmin, an expert in financial payment, the Six Sigma Black Belt master, have long worked in the world’s top 500 enterprises HNA Group, Hainan Airlines to pay one of the founders of master data analysis system and problem solving techniques, successfully create a number of business financial payment online, once a month will enhance the enterprise financial business flow 400%.

Pan Rongbo

, senior Internet operations experts, for many years engaged in the operation of the Internet has ten years of marketing planning and practical experience of network promotion, former house365 director of operations, to create a real estate business, a second-hand linkage, financial and other products.