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recently, by Chinese Internet association and held the 2016 bit network Chinese IT billboard award, awarded the general manager of Guangzhou City Music Business Software Technology Co. Ltd. 2016 IT China coke Yu · billboard; contribution figures award, encourage the IT of China information technology service industry to make outstanding contribution to the development of capital. Jiao Yu founded the music business software, pioneering in-depth pharmaceutical industry, listen to the development needs of the industry, provides a new route for the development of the bottleneck of the development of traditional medicine industry, at the same time Chinese broadened the coverage of e-commerce, e-commerce in the pharmaceutical industry to fill the gaps, to develop e-business function more great value, and promote the rapid development of electronic commerce industry health China.

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the early start, work overtime, all through the night, is a common thing. Software companies, the initial product development and manpower costs, much larger than expected. We must keep the project, no matter what size, no matter what type, as long as the customer needs, we do." Jiao Yu said with emotion.

music business software is led by Jiao Yu, 6 like-minded friends together, the team covers all aspects of the software business, including management, marketing, technology, implementation, design and products. From a small team of 6 people, more than a dozen square office began to develop, to now, formed a perfect product layout and professional service team, music business software has formed unique music business brand in the pharmaceutical business industry, has made brilliant achievements.

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music business software was founded in 2010, has experienced the primitive accumulation after the first, in 2011, the general manager of coke Yu began to industry company’s position in the first place, for at the time of the business environment of the market have done a lot of research work, the company’s future development direction of the batted. At that time, the music business team in cooperation with the group of ten million, the construction of its ten thousand drug network mall project.

with the deepening of understanding of the pharmaceutical industry, Jiao Yu found that the pharmaceutical industry, has been in a mess, low operation efficiency, and development for many years, the line can reach the market already saturated, malicious sales phenomenon caused by it, as one falls, another rises. And e-commerce, just to break the bottleneck of the development of the pharmaceutical industry at this time, a strong impetus to the industry towards a qualitative leap. On the one hand, the pharmaceutical business, using the Internet to break the constraints of time and space, greatly broaden the sales market scale, finishing market sales order; on the other hand, point to point "on the nature of the electricity supplier, end to end, can form" fast "