Prepare for the twelve Anne loan loan business experts for your escort

in 2015 for the entire P2P industry, the foot can be called "an eventful year", whether venture capital is tightening, the rate of overdue loans rise, have exacerbated the financial industry internet operation difficulty, and with the industry difficult moment, some aspects of the outstanding performance of the financial products will become more and more conspicuous for example, today we interviewed the loan will be called Anne is one of the more eye-catching one, both the end of the loan or investment end is so eye-catching.

is called the electricity supplier experts worry from the loan loan line has always been a peer leader in products, its convenient and fast, the amount of high and low interest unsecured small business characteristics get the praise, known as the electricity supplier in the field of card business loans, enjoys a high reputation in the industry. And now comes the twelve approaching, many electricity providers in the capital turnover and worry, at this time more than 80% smart sellers choose loan on it, it is ready to participate in the activities of both the purchase, or the promotion of the operation, the increase in the category, and whatever funds related problems will be smoothly done or easily solved, is small and micro business loans the choice of the.

Ms. Xu

knitwear wholesale business in the Taobao said he recently began to raise funds for twelve stocking and screenwriters, East West raised by a long time are not forthcoming, oneself have no sorrow, but later heard from a friend that the loan on it, only 1 days to the loan account application process very convenient, but the amount is very large, therefore, Ms. Xu is very happy.

then Anne loan highlights where? Why is everyone in their droves? On loan Anne strong wind control system, its founder and CEO Mr. Wang Xiabin, risk control is the core of the Internet banking, and now the big data system only with the help of authority to this problem better to solve, and loan Anne as credit platform, its new professional, is also the first through the depth of excavation and analysis to build the Internet credit evaluation system, the financing problem has been solved successfully for all up to nearly one million small and micro electricity supplier, help solve for stock purchase, to participate in activities, promotion operations, increase the category, open a new store in the short term liquidity problems, and has always maintained 0, 0, 0 default overdue loans and loan success, these Anne strong wind control system is inseparable .

and its founder Mr. Wang Xiabin’s view is: do not absorb public funds if the network finance loan security ", do not control the wind, do not absorb public funds, Internet banking is the core of efficient risk control, do not end all assets, such as the clouds of