Jingdong online banking online acquisition is nearing completion or enter the third party payment


technology news (Zhu Xudong) October 29th news, recent media said the Jingdong acquisition of online banking online about the delivery of assets has entered the stage, is expected to be completed in the end of this month related matters.

rumors about the acquisition of Jingdong third party payment for a long time, last month came out of its acquisition of online banking online. But in the face of BOE expressed no comment".

industrial and commercial registration information, online banking online (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated in 2003, the registered capital of 100 million 500 thousand, the legal representative is Zhao Guodong.

it is understood that online banking has received the third party payment business license, including currency exchange, Internet payment, mobile phone payment, telephone payment change for Internet payment, mobile phone payment (National) (National), fixed telephone payment (Nationwide), bank card acquiring (Beijing city).

although Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog) has said that the majority of users will choose the way Jingdong cash on delivery, but online payment still accounts for a certain proportion of Jingdong users pay. At present, Jingdong’s online payment is paid by the third party, not in their own hands.

before the media reported that Jingdong’s cash on delivery ratio has dropped from 70% to 50%, while Liu Qiangdong had predicted that Jingdong will be able to reach this structure by 2015. It also highlights the growing importance of online payment function for Jingdong.

in August 25th last year, the Jingdong with high rates of suspended cooperation and Alipay, but the outside world that it is because Alipay is a subsidiary of Ali, and Ali’s Tmall mall is one of the biggest rival Jingdong. Jingdong uses Alipay collection, easy to master the Tmall sales information.

if launched its own payment system, the user’s shopping behavior in Jingdong all in the Jingdong system, Jingdong will be able to get more user information, but also easier to control the user experience. At the same time does not rule out Jingdong to enter the field of third party payment, to participate in the electronic payment industry competition.