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A5 web review: micro-blog and Sina Jingdong shield Tencent’s wealth, for what? Jingdong suspended with sina micro-blog cooperation, will cause the loss? What is the next Jingdong to take steps to


Jingdong why give up cooperation with micro-blog


, according to Jingdong, Jingdong and Sina micro-blog cooperation is about to expire, then, in the Jingdong website will not be able to log in through Sina micro-blog account.

Jingdong official on the move is intended to use Sina micro-blog user login Jingdong in convenient, in the future can be more direct contact with the Jingdong, the Jingdong is also actively at the same time performance and user interaction aspects. An unnamed Jingdong insiders said that the use of sina micro-blog account login Jingdong users, accounting for only a few thousandths of the proportion of all users logged in Jingdong. Even suspend cooperation with sina micro-blog, Jingdong will not cause much damage. According to data released by Jingdong, as of April this year, the number of registered users has exceeded 100 million users.

however, Jingdong and micro-blog to suspend cooperation in the future, whether it is said only to strengthen the interaction with the platform of


Jingdong who told reporters that the integrity of user information, for Jingdong’s big data development, with more meaning.

in April last year, Jingdong has dug up a huge cloud original CEO he just responsible for the cloud platform business. Currently, Jingdong cloud platform team has reached 3000 people.

he just told reporters that Jingdong to build a cloud platform is the basis of the construction of the ecological system Jingdong. At the beginning of this year, Liu Qiangdong has established a Jingdong in the four strategic platform of electronic business platform, logistics platform, technology platform, financial data platform, Jingdong and cloud platform, will provide basic technical support for the four strategic platform.


just said, the Jingdong cloud platform is now entering the second stage. Prior to the first phase of 2008~2012, mainly to complete the discussion of cloud computing business model and the cultivation of the market. The second stage is from 2013 after the start of the five years, the main form of ecological construction and business model.

in this, Jingdong has three steps to go. First, all kinds of business resources within a Jingdong "cloud"; two, "opening up the electricity supplier resources cloud", a business ecosystem; the third step is to integrate multiple external business resources, providing cloud services to the whole industry. Currently, the first step has been completed, the second step in progress, the third step is still planning. In the second step in the construction of the electricity supplier ecosystem, the complete user account system (ID), as well as payment, are essential.

in addition to the above strategic development of its own Jingdong, Jingdong also has a strategic defense of the Alibaba to consider. In April this year, Alibaba has a strategic stake in Sina, Taobao and micro-blog and Sina in the information, account system to get through. This regards Alibaba as a strategic competition