Renaissance the inheritance and innovation of electronic commerce


] to know someone asked me a question, how to evaluate customer also launched third open platform. Where the customer is a special enterprise, and where the customer is now somewhat lost, dare not go at their chosen path, but succumbed to the pressure of the market.

e-commerce enterprises belong to entrepreneurial enterprises, from content to form innovation from first to last. However, entrepreneurial companies need to follow several rules. First, focus, two is an adventure, and the other is the inheritance, the four is the coincidence of the three. Here and do some explanation, entrepreneurship is a mass grave, and cannot be simply interpreted as a brave game. I remember a vice president of Tsinghua University students to give up hundreds of thousands of annual salary does not want to choose the venture, the current situation is really do not want to describe. There is an entrepreneur from big companies like Microsoft, several 6 year career cut whole product line, is still on the road, but also no fruition. Therefore, even the first focus, it is not so easy to achieve. Entrepreneurs have to pay the price of time and money, can find their own way.


entrepreneurs must also be more adventurous than mature companies. If the choice is not blue ocean, it is impossible to achieve much success. Coincidentally, in fact, largely due to the success of entrepreneurial success. Like the lyrics said, love is the day when the Austria game. Find the right person at the right time to achieve the goal. There is indeed a component of luck, even if there is a market opportunity, but did not find the right team, can only look at the opportunity to belong to others. About entrepreneurship, referred to the least is the issue of inheritance. "Lean entrepreneurship" almost no one word to mention heritage. In fact, the role of inheritance for entrepreneurial success is much greater than the average person think. Behind the success of Guo Degang, there are 100 years of the history of crosstalk. No inheritance, just rely on individual efforts, entrepreneurship ten years may also be groping in the dark. In 100 years, Zhang Shouchen, Hou Baolin and Ma Sanli is recognized as the crosstalk master, there are many well-known or unknown street performers, together for the processing of comic scripts, groping comic rules. After thoroughly tempered comic art finally passed down, even a pupil in the comic industry, can also stand on the shoulders of giants, with hundreds of thousands of spectators and write and draw freely as one wishes to control the situation.

At least three branches of

e-commerce from the inheritance of the retail industry, which will eventually form a new retail format epitomized the. The first branch of traditional retailing is the supply chain management as the core of the retail model. The biggest feature of this model is the daily low, and Amazon and Jingdong mall inherited. Amazon is through cloud computing, open platform, hardware and software integration of e-books, etc.. However, the Jingdong is no longer a thriving shopping mall, Suning, Yi Xun, shop No. 1, forming a supply chain mode, and increasing emphasis on infrastructure investment. Thus, e-commerce >