Many fake constraints taobao com launched 24 hour rights platform

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e-commerce, but often encounter fake constraints, e-commerce enterprises have to take measures. Yesterday, announced to promote online shopping service quality, and will launch a Taobao covering all store consumer protection plan in January 15th, and launched a new platform for the protection of consumer rights after the Spring Festival, every hope to become Taobao users "online 315, consumers can self-help rights, and monitor progress of complaints.

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, after 100 million yuan anti-counterfeiting campaign after a consumer protection initiatives, is also the first domestic e-commerce enterprises to initiate the establishment of consumer protection platform. The, rights protection platform will be set up at the entrance to prominently, consumers can directly click to enter, launched a rights complaint on specific transactions, and can query the progress of complaints. Rights platform entrance will also be embedded into all aspects of consumer purchase and purchase. At the same time, the platform will be set up on the rights of the exposure platform, regular exposure to bad sellers.

Taobao provides for consumer complaints, require the seller must respond within 48 hours; overdue response, Taobao consumer rights personnel will be involved in 48 hours; commitment, all transaction disputes Taobao will be within 30 days all dealt with. For sellers over the time of delivery, consumers apply for a refund within 48 hours of the seller does not respond, the system will automatically refund.