Self help books electricity supplier C2B model can open up a new blue ocean

Mr. Li Guoqing before micro-blog joked about his Dangdang sold, it is quite interesting, a started to sell books, and do the domestic top ten B2C electricity supplier, did not previously down, have to say, the past that rely on the Internet, gathered a large number of long tail traffic, by purchasing scale compression the purchase price, and some books have monopoly mode, began to go downhill in.

and some other electricity providers like Jingdong chaebol, they use 3C started later, around a large number of consumers with high quality. The book category role is more used to form the flow of viscous, and not on the core position; based on this, for as long as the electronic books to find a good starting point, still have a chance to rise again. So, what is an operational model,


books electricity supplier C2B what is

C2B, a customer demand oriented supply and demand model, it is the first collection of user needs, and then according to the needs of users to produce products, personalized to meet the needs of consumers;

then we look at the book consumers have what demand point, which is their pain points.

1 price, most of the books on the market today, consumers can afford, can not afford to go to see the e-book.

the latest version of the 2 other small city? Not to say, from the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen several first-tier cities, have their own books CBD, the newly published books are available in these places, even if not to buy, the major electricity supplier website can also buy some of the banned books; like, also can buy in Taiwan the bookstore, this is just a niche demand.

I do not know what

3 is suitable for you? As a senior Book consumers, most of the time is really confused to buy books, I also have a lot of friends around to buy books is also very confused, do not know what book, which book is really suitable for their own.

so as to do some bean book review sites more and more fire; however, the book is just for a review of the book, and is based on a reader’s own feelings, the first is not representative, and the feelings of others is not necessarily what you feel, because each person’s knowledge, experience, positions are different the same book, different people have different harvest time.

4 how to solve the pain point of consumer books


if there is a knowledgeable friend, he can according to your situation, including your ability, your job, your job, and your ability to learn, tailor-made for you a book with a set of solutions, and these books learning rules for you again, you are not very love?

but unfortunately, even if the other party is really fond of teaching others, he learned, it is difficult to have the time and patience to help you to do such a thing; even if there is, the mass of consumers is also very difficult to encounter such a person.

so, if there is such a person, not only professional, but also