Code farmers transformation of traditional industries more likely to succeed Startups are more suita

Internet twenty years review data show that 20 years ago, the domestic Internet users is only 620 thousand, the site is only 1500, and as of today, the Internet has reached 618 million users, 3 million 500 thousand websites and Internet development is remarkable.

is a relatively low threshold of the Internet platform, a computer has to meet the entrepreneurial dream of the grassroots level. Today, fusion of traditional industries of the Internet and the line is not a simple "line into the line" mode, line started behind, stationed in the line, all kinds of industries of various O2O operation mode of the large-scale attempt, not rash and too much in haste like a raging fire.

used on the Internet code articles are some bitter Tucao, or make a trip to the boss in the dark by code, like what this project has a lot of unexpected BUG, you won’t last long ", of course this is certainly the outcome code did not last long, was opened to the boss directly. With the money do not appear, even secretly playing a little smarter, but not very optimistic about this kind of Enron, or you will turn directly with the boss, say goodbye, or you will have to put the "BUG" to do not bug, then the boss’s nose in a turn, this it is the spirit.


code Tucao class less, changed the tone code of farmers to the traditional industry, and fire up. West master hamburger for example, this code is agricultural "salted fish" is one of the most powerful examples, there is code like this couple juice, less than the West master reputation.

industry generally believe that in the Internet once turned the traditional industry, will find a lot of places can break the traditional industries, so the code farmers end is more than general traditional industries


code is the identity of farmers are generally young intellectuals, of course, is appropriate when the older code sound is also available online, if in doubt, actually also has said that people in this industry are generally young and old is best not to engage in code, unless you really love the dense code. Code of farmers thinking of the younger generation is more active and more flexible, the awareness of the concept of the Internet industry is generally stronger than the traditional industry entrepreneurs, do more of a "bold but cautious" and "children can’t set the wolf to find the courage, West master selection of high quality air bags and stand handy, the queue of chewing gum may buy a user friendly reminder, greatly into enthusiasm and intentions of new young youth into society, this is also about with their code out of patience some association.

around another example, but not the code farmers, just graduated from the university to earn a year of money on the Internet, save one hundred thousand, together with a friend back to his alma mater to open a small shop. This is not a hamburger, is grasping cake, a small shop, left hand cake, right is all kinds of Soybean Milk and lemon tea like, occasionally with some "analogy mountain" brought the duck.