New year table such as the glory of the new user end of the year award eighth waves open

The glory of

users eighth year-end bonus Bourbon Zhou Xiqing opened, just after the New Year holiday, the glory of the official announced that the new wave of welfare information: smart wearable special delivery coupons, as long as you are glory 7/7i/6Plus/6, glory play 5X/4X/4A/4C models users or HUAWEI models are as follows: Mate 8/Mate S/Mate7/P8max/P8/P7, the user can log in HUAWEI official website mall activities related pages, receive the value 50 yuan coupons, the coupon can be used to buy ZERO or small K glory glory bracelet.


followed by smart phones, wearable devices become a new blue ocean, smart watches, smart wristbands, smart glasses, etc., are gradually set off a new trend of life. According to IDC data, the third quarter of 2015 global sales of wearable devices is three times the same period in 2014, due to the motion tracker and smart watches, many people are becoming the first choice for gifts, sales data wearable devices continue to increase in the fourth quarter of 2015. In the next few years, sales of wearable devices will be far more than three times now.

ZERO and glory glory K came into being, with compared to competing products to better grasp the user pain points, so that the two products become Fengnianguojie the best gift, want to let the family of the elderly and children immediately into the new life more intelligent? Glory user year-end bonus released in 2016 at the beginning of the eighth wave the coupon release period (January 1, 2016 -2 6) and use (January 1, 2016 -2 29) during the Spring Festival across the whole, give you the best chance to lead the family into the window, instantaneous mobile internet life more intelligent.

The function of

designed for children aged 4-12 glory small K with positioning, call, gravity sensor: at the same time receiving GPS and Chinese Beidou satellite signal; gravity sensor can inform the guardian in the children off the watch; support mobile GMS SIM card, double talk clear effect without delay, convenient for parents to learn the whereabouts of the dynamic children the parents of the children Chinese, solve the security problems that just need. This product has the characteristics of simple and easy to use, gorgeous color PMOLED screen, with multiple sets of more details on the UI interface skin, Disney dynamic optimization, let the children to love at first sight. Of course, this product in addition to the home of the child to buy a gift, kidult can also buy to wear more playful than, can also explore new ways more in line with the development trend of the times with it. Participate in the coupon to receive activities, that can be 638 yuan to win the honor of small K, sun alone and the prize waiting for you to take.

glory Bracelet ZERO is a high-tech product with temperature, simple design, fashion, full motion sensor touch operation and high sensitivity, with glory, scene intelligent function of HUAWEI mobile phone, allowing users to keep high > enjoy the slow life of more than