Why can’t you help your website 3

  do not know how to convert traffic into money

1 do not know how to engage in online advertising

2 do not know how to develop the website profit patternThe resource of the website using

3 do not understand anything to make money

04 years, there is a huge flow of website owners to find me, tell me their website traffic is very large, but do not make money, find my cooperation. I see, be startled at because the site traffic, every day is more than 150 thousand IP. So I spent ten minutes, apply for the game Taobao day alliance ad code, let him put a Taobao on the part of the page on the pop-up ads, because that is too busy, I can go to apply for other advertising advertising. After a month, only an ad received 6000 yuan in advertising. Then give the man equally. Is he earned 3000 yuan. Because Taobao indeed caused many users dissatisfied with that pop up. So he second months removed, or because that business is busy, I don’t have time to apply for other advertising, so I recommend a The client advertises on him, let;