Grand 2 billion yuan to build products poly network plan listed within three years

recently, by the grand investment "poly mesh products" high-profile announcement will spend 2 billion yuan into the electronic commerce, and that will be a year for the rapid growth of the domestic leading e-commerce company, three years successful listing.

this move once again sparked a discussion of whether the current electricity supplier market bubble. After the last round of the crazy money, the electronic commerce website prospects are whirling, some investment professionals said electricity providers have been too expensive, so in the short term will not take any e-commerce websites.

2 billion yuan how to spend?

Shanda products will remain relatively independent from the Royal Group, because it is not difficult for entrepreneurs to succeed

July 21st, product poly network founder and chairman Ge Binbin said in an interview with reporters, the current product poly network, including several major shareholders, including the grand investment, which is not in a grand holding position. Ge Binbin said it was not disclosed the company’s ownership structure and the background of several other shareholders.

allegedly 2 billion yuan will be invested in the first phase, of which the first phase of investment of 200 million yuan, the investment in the two phase of the total investment of about $1 billion to the third period of 2 billion yuan.

in the first phase of the 200 million yuan investment, more than 50% of the cost will be used in marketing and publicity, the remaining costs will be used to develop products and the company’s daily operations. Ge Binbin said the company will generate more revenue after rolling income into marketing.

is currently the site is now recruiting, recruiting a team of more than and 100 people, is expected to go online in October.

in the grand architecture, poly mesh products belonging to the grand line (SDO), and will soon become the territory of Chen Tianqiao is planning a new piece of business, and pay, and games, literature and other big business docking.

before the establishment of a grand gathering of goods, Wenzhou Ge Binbin has been working in the game industry, is a grand gold cool game CEO. Electricity supplier is always my dream." Ge Binbin told reporters.

said he will be relatively from the grand grand product Poly Group remained independent — because he believed that "no entrepreneurial company is difficult to success", after "two rich generation", Tencent and Baidu has ah seems to be the example that he wanted to keep the entrepreneurial state shaped products.

electricity supplier version App Store?

all the sellers must sample the sample in the product network, and the quality of the product testing

you can understand us as an electronic version of the App Store, and Taobao is more like a lower threshold Android Market." Ge Binbin in order to describe the product poly network business model.

the difference between the two is that Taobao is almost a zero threshold platform, everyone can go to Taobao >