80 after the birth of children’s e commerce network development

if the economic crisis in 2009, the achievements of the clothing e-commerce, then 2010 is the stage of the development of e-commerce apparel. So is the children’s clothing industry e-commerce, reporters in the days before Mcglaughlin and responsible for children’s clothing business in 2010’s Mr Yang talked about the development of electronic commerce, the answer is, if two years ago, e – commerce has yet to develop, so this year’s e-commerce development time has come.

children’s e-commerce in 2010 after the emergence of one of the most influential, the largest market share of e-commerce enterprises.

children’s clothing e-commerce business as a new growth point

on the current situation of children’s clothing e-commerce, there is no one can be called a leader in children’s e-commerce business. Because the children’s clothing industry is not the highest level of profitability in the entire category, so even when e-commerce is in full swing, the children’s e-commerce is also in a state of lukewarm.

e-commerce industry, e-commerce has made it clear that the idea of VANCL, in 2009 began to get involved in children’s clothing, but also not as the main push business. According to the recent VANCL children’s clothing as an advertising promotion of the page can be sure, VANCL2010 will strengthen the recommendation of children’s clothing.

in the process of the reporter interviewed children’s e-commerce to do earlier is IGOBB love to buy Baby online shopping mall, from 2006 to enter the children’s e-commerce began today has entered the four year. Also experienced from the initial setback to the end of 2009 profit, can be described as a microcosm of the development of children’s e-commerce. But IGOBB igobb.com indeed accumulated the most make e-commerce companies envy, very loyal customer base, this is all the most elusive profit based e-commerce enterprises.

reporter also interviewed a number of e-commerce enterprises, but also an understanding of the present business e-commerce enterprises bigger, they are in the process of purchasing customers to obtain the cost of expenses, and profit of enterprise just can buy many customers are large number of enterprises, but also not profit of the enterprise also is precisely because the two purchase difficulties.

80 after the birth of the network life of children’s e-commerce development

‘s 60 billion market potential, it is tempting for many businesses, and for the children of e-commerce, this new channel will certainly with 80 parents shopping habits and become competitive channels. According to the survey, 80 average more than 6 hours a day online, while the number of female users than males, the figures showed 80 have very mature network life, and this life includes all aspects of clothing, food, housing, entertainment, etc.. As the new generation of parents after 80, and gradually become the main body of children’s clothing sales, e-commerce development of children’s clothing is bound to enter the stage of rapid improvement.