The rapid expansion of some domain name speculators team have thousands of domain names

McDonald’s "I love" CN domain name has been registered, registered in Beijing Mr. Lu said 50 thousand, has recently attracted the attention. Reporters learned that, in fact, Mr. Lu just contact CN domain name to invest more than a month. It is not difficult to find, more and more people to join the ranks of the investment domain, but more often they potentially "underwater" wait for the right price to sell.

year flower registration fee, is not afraid of their own money dashuipiao? The famous "speculators vineyards" (net) that "honor these domain name value, it is only a matter of time. I never worry about my domain name can not sell. Because domain names are non renewable resources." "The owner of the vineyard" a few years ago registered the the two letter domain name, two years after the price sold to a software company in Shenzhen. Industry sources, the same example as well as, the price is also more than one hundred thousand yuan. But a speculators also told reporters that although money when excited, domain name investment still has a certain risk, look at their own hands several domain name No one shows any interest in still feel a headache, which is part of the domain name he no longer renew.