The correct choice of foreign trade platform nine principles

is not that Taobao is becoming more like a stall in electronic products trading? Basically no profit, even rely on to earn courier live? Is not still on the Internet by the meager flow to earn hard cash? Are you still continue unchanged for ten years in the advertising model support site and self? Is not the envy of others a lot to earn dollars? Come on, on the edge of Mu fish, rather than retreat webs, with the establishment and promotion of foreign trade platform that we do together! Today we’ll talk about how to choose for you to sell foreign trade products, according to my experience, we can control about nine points to choose:

one, their own interests: you are interested in the product you will spend time to study, to understand. Will also be more aware of the characteristics of such products, advantages, market demand and value. In the days after the transaction process does not appear not to understand the product features or lost, causing buyers dissatisfaction with the problem.

two, the weight and volume of goods: foreign trade in commodity prices and weight / volume ratio of the larger the better. Because the actual price of the goods is composed of the total price of the goods and freight. When you choose the goods, you should try to choose light weight, small size and high value of goods. For example, the dumbbell sports supplies, any seller will not be sold in foreign trade dumbbell, because the price of the goods may be much higher than its own price.

three, high level of industrialization of products do: Although you have seen money selling electronic products trade, but do not suggest that you do, the foreign industrialization level is generally higher than Chinese they developed, advanced manufacturing technology, in addition to the artificial cost is higher than the US, we have no advantage, plus shipping, our cost and developed countries the cost of this kind of product is flat, thin profit.

four, whether the infringement: the sale of the brand will be involved in intellectual property rights infringement and the issue of infringement of sales. Some brands need a license to sell. Some general agent, some exclusive agent, in short, the need for Brand Company authorized. For example, NOKIA, LV is the absolute high-voltage wire, do not touch. Search engine search before selling to see if it is hot selling products and other brand-name companies.

five: foreign trade policies and regulations, there are a lot of things can not be done, you must first understand these rules, such as lottery, slot machines, contact lenses that can not do, the second is to look at your target customers national policies such as Australia is not allowed to import any battery, if you sell electricity to Australia it is a dead end.

six, target customer base: starting from the needs of your target customers, choose to cater to their needs. For example, you need to be familiar with the climate, preferences, and size of the target country. In addition, if you are familiar with the target country’s culture and consumption habits, it is recommended to consider the provision of customized shoe service, profit is very good.

seven, creative products: grasp the trend, seize the opportunity. Any new product updates, new fashion will lead to a new product boom. How to catch pop