Nestle Wyeth five ocean milk Qi sounding cross border electricity providers do


] July 21st news billion state power network, today, Nestle, Heinz, Mead Johnson, Wyeth, Herobaby and other international brands of milk powder and honey bud signed a cross-border business strategic cooperation, and some related planning of cross-border electricity, imports of milk powder and other issues as well as the brand conference.

these major brands in most of the pre contract and honey bud has begun to get involved in cross-border electricity supplier business. Nestle by product segment to solve the conflict problem of cross-border electricity providers and traditional channels; at the same time, Heinz settled in multiple platforms, hoping to make snap of expansion of the business; Wyeth believes that the market will guide the enterprise restructuring in the face of cross-border electricity supplier marketing mode.

honey bud and Nestle contracted

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Nestle: cross-border electricity supplier price slightly higher than overseas

Nestle integrated marketing manager Zhu Shuo pointed out that, from a global perspective, Nestle’s product segment is very large, Nestle hopes to use China’s cross-border electricity supplier business, Nestle products in other countries into china. And now nestle online and offline products are also very different.

Zhu Shuo also introduced Nestle online pricing. "Nestle online products either baby food supplement or milk, the price of the product line in its product line for the mainstream price. For example, the Gerber baby food supplement brand products generally priced at 30 yuan level."

in the future, the price of the product compared to the price of overseas channels, there is a certain gap, the price of cross-border electricity supplier channels slightly higher than overseas. Zhu Shuo explained that this is mainly due to long-distance transport costs and costs, the price difference is not great, Nestle will provide benefits to consumers through cross-border electricity supplier channels.

Heinz: rapid expansion of cross-border business


business director Zhang Xingbo said Heinz, the main sales market in a second tier city, can reach 60%, and the three line of the city is relatively small. The rapid development of its electricity supplier business, to 40% to 50% in the growth rate, while the line of business to maintain a single digit growth.

cross-border electricity supplier business is an important driving force for the growth of its electricity supplier. Heinz settled in Tmall international this summer, expect the rapid expansion of import business, and the signing of the honey bud is also hope that through more cross-border electricity supplier platform to quickly promote the business.

The Heinz

, honey bud provide products mainly from Europe, milk from Italy, has sold in the UK food products, may also be followed Heinz products into the Australian honey bud.

talked about the reasons for choosing honey bud as a partner, said: "Honey bud wave chapter and other platforms, is not only a shopping platform, and gathered a lot of social groups, in which users share and exchange shopping experience."

Wyeth: the market will promote the transformation of the original business model

Wyeth nutrition to Chinese market and e-commerce director Guo Zhengqing said, the future through cross-border electricity supplier.