Jingdong fully open micro shop and mall system to start investment work

[Abstract] third party merchants only need to provide QQ number and WeChat ID can be settled in Jingdong micro shop.

Tencent science and technology news (Le Tian) October 22nd news, Jingdong today announced the completion of the Jingdong micro shop upgrade test, began large-scale investment work. Jingdong micro shop and Jingdong mall system to achieve full access.

Jingdong said third party merchants need to provide the QQ and WeChat ID can be settled by the Jingdong Jingdong micro shop, business background of goods, orders, billing, customer service management, and obtain from WeChat, QQ two mobile phone shopping entrance flow.

for different shopping scenarios, Jingdong micro shop to provide WeChat payment, QQ wallet payment, online banking and payment of goods and other means of payment, and in the background of Jingdong unified settlement, refund and other operations.

Jingdong micro shop responsible person said, in addition to the Jingdong WeChat shopping, mobile phone QQ Shopping Center entrance traffic distribution, businesses can also be drained by the WeChat public service number, shops and fans, to form a closed loop operation.