Can you give a trial in the group purchase net redemption

From the establishment of

Chinese first website of meituan, to rise half many group purchase network in 2011, and then to the collapse of many network group purchase in the second half, even to the ten group purchase website recently one of Groupon group purchase coupons appear void, funding strand breaks, arrears of wages and other issues. Network group purchase has become the object of world attention, his rapid pace of development so that people marvel, he’s also let people do a lot of criticism. Today the author analysis of false propaganda about the criticism of network group purchase, and trying to try and group purchase mode for a precarious in the network group purchase to restore some reputation.

complaints rate rose, false propaganda into the primary problem

according to the Beijing Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce 12315 complaints center statistics, in 2011 the total number of complaints received online consumer purchase of 1853, accounting for more than 2 of the amount of online shopping complaints, an increase of nearly 28 times compared with the same period last year. At the same time, the Suzhou Consumer Protection Committee at the 2011 Annual city recently released consumer complaints situation analysis report, the network group purchase is also on the list, a new hot spot complaints last year "A new force suddenly rises.".

I see, in the city of Suzhou at all levels of the Consumer Protection Commission seized network group purchase consumer inquiries and complaints, 66.7% complaints service class, it is not exaggerated propaganda in the original network group purchase relationship and publicity activities, and on the other hand also originated at a low price as the main competition means the group purchase website service lag, supervision there are loopholes, leading consumers not only did not get related services, but are subject to different degrees of damage.

buy network to abandon local services, the transformation of the road difficult

coincidentally, the author recently found that local service group purchase gives a large amount of customer complaints, and realistic looking for a quality business more and more difficult, has so many network group purchase the initiation of the exit of local service ideas. Independent group purchase navigation site 800 co-founder Hu Chen said, "we found in the monthly investigation, 99 group purchase website changes in the direction of the operation, products from the local service to the physical transformation of group purchase".


give up local services, switch to real network group purchase group purchase, seems to see a turn, but the network group purchase need to face the source, product quality control, customer service, warehousing, logistics and other issues are new problems need to solve one by one transformation website.

trial mode buy network, can bring a new turn for local services


here said the trial mode is to the local service network group purchase group purchase activities involved in, take the first group purchase mode after the trial, a customer first to experience the invitation by the merchant or the network group purchase money, then a large range of group purchase, the benefits of doing so at least three:

1, to avoid buying the false propaganda network. In the network group purchase group purchase promotional activities, businesses no longer take one-sided, but by the customer to come and experience the trial report. For example, a restaurant group buying activities