GOOGLE Adsense of the Western Union for all steps

Google Adsense remember last won the money, the Drunken Beauty gold or dumpster in November 2006, but it took me nearly 2 years to earn 123.17 yuan.


is still very happy, after all, is the first money he earned on the network, ha ha, although a little less!


had opened western union, only through the clean collection! Think of it is a "trouble".

and I spent a total time of nearly 2 months to get the poor money


spent the first 1 months for the bank for collection, and later received a phone call, said the money has been received, to the bank, but the bank told me to save a month to take, no way, do not agree, it means that after a month without a penny.


, now, GOOGLE finally opened the Western Union Station, I also changed, the blog also built a long – standing property housing network, and I also reported the mentality to try to choose this mode of payment, but not long after, Western Union issued a memo. But I still silly rookie, thought that the Western Union is through the post office to send the bill to be charged, so silly, half a month, not wait until the bill was time to Baidu in the network not only to find the original, Western Union does not need the bill, go directly to the post office receive it, O (a _ U) O

…In order to make

like me rookie can walk a little less detours, a little early to get their first money, especially to collect some information about Western Union, we hope to help a bit


first, first set up their own Google account: my account payment details — payment for Western Union


second, monthly account login account: my account – payment history


third, click on the "payment has been issued," as shown in the above details, shown as follows:


fourth, take pen record the following data:

1, Google address: remittance information.

2, remittance number: MTCN

3, payment amount: accurate to the decimal point after the two

fifth, with their own ID card and the above data to the post office, Ningbo friends can go to the east gate post office, the speed is fast!

sixth, fill in the post office receipt (single data line digital camera can not find, can only be used for others "