Teach you how to make your GoogleAD click rate doubled

if you already have Google Adsense publishers, background login account can see every month from the beginning of the Google Adsense transmission optimization recommendations (such as the "September 2007 optimization report"), these recommendations are sent after the automatic diagnosis system, may not be specific or targeted is not strong enough, if you want your web site to get more high income, also need to understand the Google adsens advertising planning policy and more optimization advice. In the Google Adsense online support page provides considerable content can refer to, based on their own experience to optimize personal website Google Advertising, Google Advertising optimization to introduce some experience, I hope to help the webmaster.

online marketing new observation site from the end of October 2004 Google Adsense announced support for Chinese website began to apply for Google publishers, but in the early AD click rate is very low, usually only about 0.5%, in 1 years time, after three times of optimization, the current advertising click rate reached 3% on average, click Adsense wide to the commission income from the initial monthly $more than and 30 increase to the current more than $2000 (including later provided Google product promotion revenue). This effect is achieved, of course, because of the growing number of visits to the site, but the site is still playing a decisive role in the optimization of advertising.

why do I click on the site advertising only 0.5%

started in his first few months on the Google Adsense website content related advertising, pay attention to the average click rate is about 0.5%, some even as low as 0.1% channels, at first did not think, think that this text ad click rate is not high is a normal phenomenon. An accidental opportunity to see a successful case in the introduction of Google adesense, the click rate of advertising is 1.5%, this is the first time on their web site advertising model produced a "optimization" idea.

The first batch of

advertising, in fact there is no optimization analysis of consciousness, nor on the user access to information, but according to the original web page template layout, appropriate advertisement code added. The first time the optimization is also very simple, just according to the statistical data of custom advertising channels, will click on the low rate of ads, such as "Top 60 468× advertising unit, page templates right 160× 600 skyscraper ad unit, and 728& times; 90 banners placed to the main navigation bar below Web page.

after these changes, in a very short period of time, the average click through rate has reached 1.2%, I was quite satisfied with this effect. But it’s still not the best