Taobao village in the business 80 year turnover of over 6 million

January 18th, the reporter drove from Jiangsu County, more than and 20 minutes, came to the sand town, Suining, Dongfengcun. This is not an ordinary village, is an annual sales of 800 million yuan Taobao village. Looking ahead, a pile of packaged furniture row on the roadside waiting for delivery, road container truck after a car, the villagers driving a tricycle shuttle will deliver packaged furniture to the courier company, weighing, loading, cries, horns mixed together, every kind of furniture from here to thousands of households.

analysis of the end of October 2013, Taobao village across the country statistics report "released" the Alibaba Research Center, Sha town more than 2 thousand shop, in 2012 sales of 800 million yuan achievements, ranking 8 in the country, the 14 Taobao village first.

7 years ago, Dongfengcun was an ordinary village in Northern Jiangsu province. The first Taobao store since the village, in the electronic commerce drive, now the village set materials, design, production, sales, logistics as one of the industry chain has been formed. Hoe down, touch the mouse farmers to get rich quick.

The largest

network in Dongfengcun is the sun, he is also the first Taobao village engaged in e-commerce business. Into the sun cold furniture processing plant, the head is a large workshop, more than a dozen workers are operating modern machinery manufacturing furniture. Dressed in the fashion of sun cold, is a". In 2006, he returned to the village’s first computer, opened a shop on Taobao, sales of small gifts. In 2007, he invested about 100000 yuan to set up a furniture processing workshop, in 2010 invested $about 1000000 to upgrade to have modern equipment processing plant, the current turnover of $about 6000000 a year. "I made the furniture not only price, and fashionable, meet the urban white-collar workers both stylish and practical needs, in the Taobao hit, only 6 months sales reached 100 million." Sun Han said he was proud.

Dongfengcun village 1180, less than an acre of land per capita. See the sun through the network to make money, the neighbors also hoe down, start the electronic commerce.

this entrepreneurial enthusiasm has spread to the sand town. On both sides of the street shops in the town, whether it is selling mobile phones, selling clothes, selling shoes, selling agricultural machinery, 80% shops are open shop. "There is a feeling of thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers." Sand city party secretary Huang Hao said.

is not far away from the sun is connected into the cold house plant, express logistics company. Qiu Bin, from Nanjing, has been working for several days until 11 in the evening. Qiu Bin is in Dongfengcun sand Debon logistics sales manager. Since entering in January, we have a car every day, the original day only three cars, and now there are a lot of the four did not go away." Although the door attached to the late 7 minutes after receipt of the notice, but Qiu Bin told reporters that due to the daily receipt of too many goods, this notice does not work. "Only in Dongfengcun this operation last year is the third, if you count the town, take two of the first line of !"