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Text-link-ads in foreign countries is a very popular website, blogger welcome network advertising alliance. As long as you insert the code provided by Text-link-ads in the web page, Text-link-ads will display the text link. Text-link-ads will sell your website to the merchant, and then take 50% of the advertising fee paid by the merchant, that is to say, you can get an advertising fee of $50%. Do not need to sell products, not to worry about exposure (page-impression) can not meet the requirements.

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, Text-link-ads and Google-Adsense can be adjacent to, you need not worry about the violation of the rules of the Google-Adsense.Text-link-ads on a monthly billing, pay the amount of $25, in addition to payment of cheque payment also support PayPal payment period of one month, Text Link Ads is currently only English version, but it supports all language website, its customer base is not lack Chinese website users, but I only recommend English site text link ads, at least the basic conditions for you is more than PR5, the English station is simple, especially in industry site will be very popular.


price is in accordance with the price of each link per month, less than a month, equivalent to all day to calculate, the income is 50% with TAL. For example, I set a code up to 8 links, each month the price is 30 (the price is TAL, so if ordered) the sale of the three links are from No. 1 to No. 31, then 30X3X50% = $45, if the income in January, then in February two or three. You can pay.

uses Text Link Ads to provide estimates of the price of the ADMIN5.COM link calculated by the

application process

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