GGAD has included new station from 1 to 12 knife knife

06 years has been engaged in the work of SEO, and is currently preparing to enter the SEM way of doing business is the most money to live. A few days ago to find a good partner to network marketing is crusher mining machinery and equipment ( for the ongoing promotion of Oh, but today is not about SEO but share my income is how to do dumpster from 1 to 12 knife knife. Here mention crusher this thing is hope who want to buy this machine you can find me cheap sales. Following into the subject:

I think most of the people have done a garbage station, namely the use of popular words. While the competitiveness of small single page do website. It can be said is not just a web page, the page flow is very large but when we put the GGAD is not the click price is not generally low ah, usually only 0.01 knives, even in your flow, but also can earn a few cents in high CTR. My garbage station every day about 1000 IP, click on the rate of about 10%, 100 times a day on average luck can earn 1$, 1$are not bad luck, after listening to a GGAD Master said GG search Alliance price is very high, this time I began to vote, really good, daily search volume has 500 times, but only 0.07% hits every day just a few clicks.

is good but the price is really very high point several times with 2-3$, perhaps many of my friends would say, GG search alliance you already know, you miss also earn a penny, but you have to earn in widdly, then listen to me then, due to the click rate too I try to see what users search keywords, click why so low ah. When I look through the GG search advertising data inside the hot point of view, because the first GG there is only GG search advertising, the first garbage station inside and search advertising, so I could find some data. I’ll go back and check according to these words I found most of the search results is not right inside the GG sponsored links.

We should all know the

sponsored links at the top of the left click is the largest place, but when the user through the GG search alliance in advertising not fart. Also in order to increase the exposure rate of the left advertising only under Henzhao, find the user search most, and have left sponsor links keywords in the GG search alliance inside VALUE as the default search. Thus the lazy people can not type direct search, and search and advertising sponsored links in the first row, after the user clicks we can be assigned to CPA money. You don’t change from 1$to 12$. The method is very simple, should also very practical.