The 28 law of entrepreneurship

most of us have heard of the 28 law, it is said that the world’s population of about 20% of the social wealth of the 80%, in fact, in the process of entrepreneurship is also like this. In this regard, I have a deep personal experience, there is no time to stop, write down some of their own experience, I hope to help you:

business start 28 law — the ideal is full, the reality is very skinny

when we started, we will have a feeling that we’re doing a great undertaking, we will have to change their own destiny, we will make a lot of money, we will live the life you dream etc.. But we seldom consider some specific circumstances throughout the process, we will encounter, so we will often be some unforeseen circumstances, feel helpless.

business start 28 law is that we do have 100%, but we expect only 80%; we think 80%, we can do only 80%; we are willing to do the 80%, we can stick to do only 80%; and we adhere to the 80% to do a good job done. Meet the needs of only 80%%; and meet these 80% requirements, can have the market value of only 80%; the 80% which ultimately have the market value, can produce the effect of only 80% or so, the final useful only 20%. So in the beginning, although we are very hard, but the effect is not very obvious. But as long as we can stick to it, to be able to adhere to the 20%, then it will succeed.

in the operation of the 28 law – wide net, focus on training

is actually a lot of doing business people should know, even if you have a lot of customers, you can eventually let the backbone to success is that about 20% of the old customers, this is the focus on the cultivation of the object.

in the operation of the 28 law is in good service to the entire customer base of the premise, focusing on the training of about 20% of the old customers, because the customer needs some time only, while others can be long-term cooperation, and this is what we need to focus on the cultivation of the 20%, so we will run up there has been a part of the market no matter, for their own growth or career development are quite good.

in the management of the 28 law — talent patient, mouseexcrement bad gruel

in our enterprise management process there is a situation is very common, is our personal ability has been very difficult to meet the current fierce competition in the market, so we have to find a team, looking for more than us in all aspects of professional talent, but the talent should have their own principles and system.

in a company, in a team, especially in the early stages of the company’s culture is not easy