Analysis on the comprehensive utilization of five major foreign advertising alliance


website through advertising money is most webmaster a way of earning money, of course there are many tricks, the experience, I this is published on A5 statements of a school, so much experience, very hope you don’t add words, we learn from each other is the most important. 5 advertising alliance this paper mainly involves the comparison of foreign well-known, of course I also contact more, of course, the other did not come into contact with no right to speak, recently I used the new line of to do examples, although there are self advertising, but I can not get other people’s website as an example well, don’t gossip Syria, the first general outline of the main idea of this paper:

1 mainstream advertising alliance and taboo

2 how am I going to combine the

with several advertising alliances


China with GG out of the mainland market, some of its products and services have also been greatly affected, remember last year when an average click (I mean English station) are in the range of $0.3-0.5, and this year has dropped to 0.05-0.2, the other with the RMB exchange rate increase and our hard-earned dollars into Renminbi and lost many, suddenly miss 05 or 06 years when 1:8.4, now 1:6.8 not to, is really sad, of course, the exchange rate is not in our control, we can only try, to earn dollars to compensate for this the loss of the.

Google Adsense this year, two big adjustment is the keyword matching degree reduction and adding other advertising Google Adsense certified advertising alliance, the latter on the surface, this has brought more advertising resources to the site, but precisely through this, Google Adsense not only successfully evade its advertising investment cost — the most deceptive click transfer to other advertising alliance (you say you did harm!) — and well maintained the main site: after all, it can still provide more advertising. However, there is one very important point, other advertising display advertising click the lower price, we can only join other advertising alliance on the web site to increase income, of course, Google Adsense is never give up, especially interested in doing English station friends, here I recommend other Several relatively good advertising alliance, but also my own more familiar with, and they can be a good combination of a web site.

PPC (pay per click) advertising alliance: Bidvertiser

BidVertiser is a new rise on cloth, advertising display form and Google Adsense Content are the same >