Please note U69 click on the obvious characteristics of the union fraud

5 month low I see from Adsense nets advertising: U69 Alliance: a click of a dime, and to register the Union and began to put on the advertising.

after nearly half a month, found that u69 alliance with fraudulent characteristics, please be careful, and urged to carefully examine graph king in his own website advertising, determine its reputation, for the sake of the vital interests of the majority of the webmaster friends.

The fraud characteristics of the

U69 alliance are as follows:

1, to see the union announcement said 0.1 yuan / click, but I registered after the click of the ads to display the display for $0.05 / click. Later, asked the customer service, customer service said that now in the adjustment, for a while it really became a 0.1/ click (if it is a formal alliance, pricing which has so much arbitrariness, said change to change). And the announcement does not match the actual

2, the night of May 25th, the company advertising picture suddenly become the home without any variable click of the alliance, a little common sense people understand that this is equal to the ratio of free white click. Later, 26 to see the internal announcement that the system is not charging. Until May 31st, the picture advertising variables, but not the user IID variables, or accounting. Later, after I negotiate, the user ID variable recovery. (it’s really a bluff, for the first time to see an alliance that uses this method)

3, the Union in May 29 consecutive days have been unable to visit for no reason, all customer service personnel can not contact, and then recovered after the original price of all the original 0.1 yuan / click, all became a $0.01 / click on the. Once again find customer service, customer service said it is now 0.01/ click. But the League did not see any notice on the home page. Later, I repeatedly asked, customer service said, because someone cheated. Well, this could be the best answer to any league problem.

4, the Union’s payment standards in the league is 50 yuan to pay for the description, until I was nearly $50 when it changed to $100, and later became a 0.01/ click. (comprehensive use of deception, admire)

there are a lot of small problems, where you can not be an example, in a word, U69 has too many liar features, we have to do it quickly removed it, a waste of advertising, free of charge to send them.

called for advertising the alliance graph king removed, so that more people cheated.

, this station is concerned about the matter, the next step of investigation on the matter!