SP entrepreneurial help the old arena of mobile nternet

these people in the SP era, a life of Amoy first pot of gold, now in the era of intelligent machines to play mobile Internet, the past "Duanpingkuai law" can achieve their "new dream"




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Zhang Zhijian second months to start the cash flow is positive, venture to buy a house for first years. It was 2004, the SP industry is the highest rise period, his team registered under the name of a number of companies that are serving the mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom can do million income each month. Several partners have the same goal: to earn enough money to retire at age 30, not to be the industry leader, but do not want to appear on the market. Later, someone came to buy SP shell company, in fact, was acquired at the time is also very valuable license, they sold to a large consortium.

it was 2008, when he was 29 years old, but he didn’t retire. He found someone with apple mobile phone, then Android also appeared, the whole industry chain upgrade, operators from the Yishouzhetian’s role becomes networks based service providers. He heard that there is a programmer to develop their own software on Apple’s App store, and then his wife gave birth to a child, after 3 months found more than $1 million in the account.

and Keynes’s "planned economy" theory, Zhang Zhijian has been more agree with the views of the president: the economy is not a government intervention or planning out, but let the market to vote, is the result of free development of the. So he gave the company named "guest", he hoped that in a more free and equal market – the mobile internet field, playing new rules of the game.

this little-known story, and this company is in where customers do mobile phone client, "after 14 months as a girlfriend in every guest behind finally is known. The advent of the 3G era and intelligent machine speed led to the development of the new era of mobile Internet, a group of similar to Zhang Zhijian, has been engaged in SP industry entrepreneurs on the road again, they are China first engaged in the mobile phone business entrepreneurs, but also wireless Internet (perhaps with "wireless" two words more suitable to real veterans).


industry entrepreneurs has been able to classify the background and experience: just out of school or just leaving new entrepreneurs; the original business on the PC side, now extended to a number of people had taken the mobile terminal; the SP era, a wireless value-added business operators or background people. The former two are to the Silicon Valley line, they love to see TechCrunch (the famous American technology blog) on the news, all the time in the product and user experience; after a passerby because before the SP experience scattered around, most people in the circle is not too famous, do not seem to care about the so-called "status of the political arena". But they all now in the mobile Internet industry chain segments have been completed "card", the vast majority of cash inflows account, make no reply early tasted the hands of food, do not feel fear.

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