Li Keqiang encourage entrepreneurs Jobs also started a small company

on the 27 day, Li Keqiang to visit Tianjin, he came to the Binhai New Area, camp gate and Hongqiao District Trade and industry investigation. In the Binhai New Area, he encouraged young entrepreneurs, Bill ·, Gates and the beginning of the small companies are from the beginning of the.

ICBC financial leasing industry to grow

yesterday morning, the industrial and Commercial Bank of Tianjin Binhai New Area, Li Keqiang detailed inquiry innovation model to support the real economy development, transformation and upgrading, etc.. He said that the financial and the real economy complement each other. Financial innovation should focus on the needs of the real economy, in order to achieve a win-win situation.

Li Keqiang said that the financial leasing industry in China is a new high ground. He said that the financial leasing industry is serving the real economy, the state should cultivate this industry to grow. He encouraged enterprises to break out of their own new world, while driving and supporting Chinese enterprises to go out, do the first person to eat crabs, eat the emperor crab, but also to be able to control the emperor crab travel around the world.

Venture Center government will start to increase nutrition

yesterday morning, in the Beijing Tianjin Internet technology entrepreneurship theme activity center, Li Keqiang encourage young entrepreneurs, Bill · Gates and Jobs are from the company started. College students not only to soak the laboratory, library, but also have entrepreneurial ideas, the combination of innovation and entrepreneurship, for their own, but also to create wealth for society and the state.

"do you have any difficulties?" Li Keqiang asked a question, surrounded by young entrepreneurs who have made recommendations. Li Keqiang said that the problems involved in the government level, you can study the adjustment, the government will give you entrepreneurship to increase nutrition".

in the coffee shop in the entrepreneurial center, everyone cheered the prime minister surrounded. Li Keqiang said the entrepreneurial platform exudes a smell of coffee, so that the idea of entrepreneurship, the idea of freedom of innovation, entrepreneurship and innovation to achieve the life of the trinity". There are people who work to live, who live to work, and you work and live together, and trust that you will be able to create a new era.

visit: Prime Minister let entrepreneurs talk difficult

yesterday, Ling yingtege chip (Tianjin) Company CEO peak recalled that last weekend, he received a notice to the central leadership will have to visit the company.

at 8 a.m., when he and other more than more than 10 Binhai New Area of high-tech business representatives waiting for the theme of the entrepreneurial activities in the center of the coffee shop, they know that the prime minister is coming to Li Keqiang.

peak said around 11 am, Li Keqiang and accompanying staff arrived at the activity center, first with the coffee shop next to the open office of young entrepreneurs exchange. Summit said, these young people are less than 30 years of age, Li Keqiang to understand the relevant circumstances of the business to them, ask them what is the difficulty? Young entrepreneurs put forward the existing problems in the capital, taxation, but did not elaborate, Li Keqiang asked, "can you be more specific.