Do you want to know Wangzhuan thick skinned thick skinned enough yet

folk proverb: thin skinned eat, thick skinned enough to eat. This sentence is not only useful in real life but also in, on the network. No matter what, as long as you know the right cheek, start to feel more like wangzhuan.

There are a lot of powerful characters on the

network, and there is always a very clever idea in their heads. Software download advertising has been so many webmaster headache, because now the Trojan virus is rampant, netizens see the download software will reflex at a distance. However, my friend’s thinking is very active, do not rely on the site will be able to promote the advertising alliance products. But the problem is that many of the high priced union needs to register the user’s site for review, and some conditions are very harsh. Looking at the big piece of fat can not eat, anxious friends, so every day on the QQ wrapped around the customer service to code. For he that unknown person of course service bother writing, some also put him to pull the black. He is regardless of other people’s taunt another QQ, then a cheeky request by. Finally, there is no way to customer service, had to tie a little attention to help him open. He got a lot of money after he got the code.


Wangzhuan will not tell anyone the secret of his success, my friend is no exception. However, some people use his cheeky spirit but in reality made a lot of money.

make Wangzhuan and the reality of doing business the same, a lot of Wangzhuan mode is nothing more than to find advertising products, and the promotion of products to the users, so as to obtain the corresponding reward. On the network, the more violent products are still inseparable from the physical. Many of the major online stores in China have put the CPS class advertising, some products even if only one day can also sell a lot of money to earn a commission. I know a webmaster do early product advertising, but he in the promotion of the time does not rely exclusively on the website, but introduced directly to the customer. It is said that he once in a mother forum collected a mother’s approval of QQ, a set of strategies so carefully propaganda strategy, daily work is in the QQ and these mothers chat relationships, and then took the opportunity to promote products. It is not difficult to imagine, such promotion is bound by the customer reviled, but he does not care for second days, still the cheek and then link drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, products in the past. This lasted for a month actually succeeded in promoting nearly twenty products, and the Commission of each product up to several hundred dollars.

It was necessary to learn a cheeky

do Wangzhuan, this is not only reflected in the interaction with others, is also reflected in the SEO. As we all know, SEO is a very hard thing, success or not depends on whether the webmaster can stick to the end. Many of my friends insist for a long time but rather baffling is the search engine of K station, so downhearted gave up. In fact, this time we need a cheeky spirit, the search engine is more friendly we are more diligent to optimize, until their own satisfaction rankings so far.

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