The electronic commerce spring sting

Although the network economy, electronic commerce, the release of this energy, but China’s e-commerce will therefore be a new life?

/ Chinese "entrepreneur" reporter Tao Ran

also lost is excellent

vintage to Beijing the original plan is to participate in exclusive contractor Dou Weixin album "the launch of" shoot two hawks with one arrow, but he came, but had to cancel because of sars. Also there was canceled the three anniversary celebration of excellence, who agreed to engage in interactive ground consumers, experts, also stopped, only can see little celebration atmosphere is online essay.

this period of delivery has become a troublesome thing. Excellent logistics is to do their own, so much more than e-commerce sites to worry about. Beginning in mid April, warehousing department carried out over the disinfection of the goods delivered company staff are required to wear masks with gloves, also bought some of the baskets, each picking member holding out, "said no customer contact and some residential areas"; strict control, the company let the Distribution Department and spend more time customer communication, is merely confirmed in E-mail, during the SARS request delivery personnel call before delivery confirm the location.

Vintage honestly, e-commerce will not change because of a Chinese sars. The growth rate and previous false