Little brother webmaster in 2009 using SEO 11 kinds of methods to make money

black brother blog research network methods mostly focus on ideas and skills, recently encountered many webmaster at a black brother skill but does not know how to make money. For example, many webmasters have a wealth of SEO operating experience, but they do not know how to use SEO to make money. In fact, many high-income owners are using SEO to make money. They just know how to use technology to make smart door, if you have a rich SEO experience, one thousand or two thousand of Baidu keyword index can easily do Baidu top one or two, then congratulations to you, after using 11 methods to make money SEO black brother up, and you will never worry about money earned.

black brother summed up the use of SEO three mode of making money.

first: do services, such as SEO training, providing SEO services for the enterprise, to large sites do SEO consultant

second kinds: sell products, can be their own products, can also be someone else’s products, such as the erection of the mall, optimize the keywords to sell products, you can also help companies sell products to get a commission.

third: sell advertising, to create high traffic sites or the main high return keywords.

A. do SEO training

engage in SEO training, and now more and more popular, a variety of different levels of training, there are dozens of low, hundreds of thousands of thousands of high. The little black brother according to different user needs into two categories, the first category is the basic training of relatively low-end, the other is high-end training.

1 basic training

skills: having certain practical experience in SEO, SEO with the system theory knowledge, at the same time there are several successful cases in hand, such as Baidu keyword index two thousand or three thousand to within a specified period of time so that the search engine three.

way to make money: collect membership fee

service object: rookie webmaster, SEO novice

operation process: the SEO training and made a video tutorial, then each recruit 50 students, the students do not encounter in the learning process to solve the problem through QQ or forum. In the next period after the completion of.

point analysis: as is the basic training, user oriented are ready for the novice to learn SEO, mostly to the rookie webmaster, students, so the charge can be lower, for example, between tens to hundreds of. Although low fees, but because the user base is relatively large, so the income is also very good.

2 high-end training

skills requirements: with many years of experience in SEO operation, service over a large web site SEO project, in the SEO industry has a certain degree of visibility and authority.


Wangzhuan membership fee

service object: there is a certain economic base of the webmaster, enterprise SEO practitioners

process: each recruit 20 >