nnovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu China is particularly suitable for T Entrepreneurship


Innovation workshop CEO Li Kaifu

CEO Li Kaifu, former innovation works in micro-blog gives 7 reasons, pointed out that the current Chinese especially for IT business. He believes that the gap between China and foreign IT technology is relatively small, and the current Chinese market is huge, there is relatively fair, unspoken rules less entrepreneurial environment. In addition, with the less involved, VC/PE system is relatively complete, China entrepreneurship and engineering talent and excellent low cost, have been regarded as Li Kaifu China Internet industry advantages, and investment in the Internet in line with the government’s "12th Five-Year" planning guidance funds and talent introduction policy support etc..

Li Kaifu also said that the economic slowdown in the period, the Internet will be used more, so no matter how economic growth, mobile, social networking, e-commerce is an inevitable trend, but also will provide a good opportunity for growth and investment". Li Kaifu said.

Business Review: there is a reason: China’s IT industry in particular the need for independent innovation.