Summary small and medium sized enterprise information how to walk


now according to relevant statistics, the informatization level of informatization level China whole key enterprises of developed countries and the overall compared to the difference in the world. In the domestic capital, technology and talent are relatively small and medium-sized enterprises, the popularity of information is even more worrying. The information service company played a very important role in the promotion of enterprise informatization, information service on the one hand they must provide satisfaction for the enterprise; on the other hand they must obtain economic benefits, to achieve sustainable management. As we all know, the development of enterprise information in the country has not been a few years, is a new thing, the enterprise is the key to the development of information technology is the key to the popularization, which requires a gradual recognition of the time. And this time seems too cruel, most of the information services companies in the period no longer exists, and only a small part of the survival and development. For example, has been to promote the construction of China’s small and medium enterprises as the responsibility of the Chinese enterprise network ( He is Chinese enterprises (especially small and medium enterprises) to carry out the information to do a lot of work, only to the website as an example, according to the statistics of the ninth Chinese Internet development in January 2001 CNNIC released the number of sites for the 242739, which accounted for the entire enterprise website website of 77.8% of the total, about 185357. The China enterprise network to help build enterprise website has nearly 3 million, accounting for nearly 15% of the market share; China enterprise network by virtue of what these small and medium-sized enterprises to realize the importance of information technology, enterprise information construction with a positive attitude?

now, some of the data concerns the State Economic and Trade Commission Department of small and medium sized enterprises provide people have to carry out the information of domestic enterprises: the prospect of China has registered small and medium enterprises about 1100 million, about its industrial output accounted for 60% of industrial output, profits and taxes accounted for about 40% of the country, they also created a large number of employment opportunities and broad market. But there are less than 1% of the companies that set up the website; in addition, there are