See how get GG can you do it

I’m a little webmaster, but very diligent. Buy a domain name space or a few years, the content of the website but do not know how much has changed, still not chengqihou, still only a few pages. Also did not pass the audit of GG advertising, not to mention the mother (MM) Baidu. Before watching others do Wangzhuan the popular forum very flourishing, the number of online day than me in the first half of IP, the results of a recent that is blowing a balloon blown up, each other with the number of online acquisition, acquisition charge up no way, I had no mentor in the network, only rely on their own slowly all the way to roll up.

here is likely to hang me, your site is not through GG, here on the ball, but I want to say is that I am using my other domain name, now I am not the site last month has been applying for GG, before the content is related to the DJ music,. GG if there said copyright issues, not through, ah, the arm is no thigh, just don’t give me face, I did not climb GG, want to spend 5 dollars to buy a Taobao GG account, think the future will be K. Hey, a man is difficult to do more difficult webmaster.

extra questions do not say, according to my many years of practical experience, say my new view, I was forced to helpless. My brother’s account is K, my brother’s account is registered in his blog site, I would like a stupid way, with a m I do the site registered (now no more than half a year, oh, May) a piece of money to buy the domain name CN, tied to that site. Don’t let the brother site displayed on his web site, I use this domain name I apply for GG account, try, not in no loss, by the. My brother the blog site absolutely conforms to GG almost unreasonable demands. I don’t light up here, or you think I’m advertising.

here I want to say: must use the domain name more than half a year in accordance with all requirements of the GG website, to be audited by the GG site, had no more than half of the domain name to buy someone else’s expiring domain name can also, I see a lot of poor stationmaster a piece of money to sell before panic buying CN the domain name in the forum, because no money to renew, add cost, the money to get back to the original investment, a piece of money selling meters (hey, I Speechless) here is to provide you a not mature idea, I hope you dare to practice. If you don’t say much, I’m afraid you have thought about me.

The final

applet, improve visibility! Welcome to my site to see my site is Guangdong DJ, my site is still young, cannot do without your attention, hope you have a lot of support and help, see not to regret.

my QQ:287791104 immediately soon dawn (the United States there may only just black), Christmas is coming, I wish you a merry Christmas, a lot of tickets! My original diary, please reprint.