Several common novice needs to pay attention to the Wangzhuan scam

network is a virtual world, you can’t see me I don’t know you, online business or part-time also need to guard against fraud, indeed, even more than the reality of the network fraud cheat more, for you today are on the network all the most common liar, you can skip the old hand, hope for the novice help! I hope just contact Wangzhuan novice don’t be tempted to lose their property or energy, novice or do not think how much money you have, itself experience and technology, really very important.

The most common

online deceptive Wangzhuan form 5188 money to sum up:

first, always Choi to make money, earn 200-1000 yuan per day, the beginning will allow you to join a group, a group of people to guide you to buy lottery tickets. Fraud analysis: where gambling, which have not lost? What is to be manipulated gambling? So you can not lose, let the dealer to tell you the truth, drink the northwest wind? Those who teach you to do the project, often is his constant color, let you taste a little sweetness, and then waiting to send the money inside. All gambling people have such a mentality, always want to win back lost, the result will only lose more. Do not think of such a good thing, the world is not someone to send money to you!

second, Internet typist, day to earn one hundred yuan or even hundreds have, this can be said to be a liar. The most common form. This is an old scam, but there are still new fooled, because this project is really attractive, typing can make money, you do not want to move online. But the outcome is very miserable, you will find that this project needs to get the so-called signature, use your mobile phone mobile phone fee deducted result? A half, then exclaimed: Dead liar, cheat Lao Tzu mobile phone fee even, still cheat Lao Tzu feelings


third, first training, after making a lot of money to pay tuition. Is not very tempted? When I had just contact Wangzhuan also contacted this, day to earn XXX yuan, and earn money to pay tuition. This project to early Wangzhuan novice friends to the temptation of big, is obviously the. Even experienced veteran Wangzhuan is caught. So you master the teacher after the call, step by step to learn, to the end, you earn money?. So you don’t think you’re going to lose it anyway. The initiator of the project, the essence is the use of everyone’s hard work and sweat for their money, disguised out of your hard-earned, means quite clever.

fourth, SP SMS alliance Wangzhuan tutorial, gray income, profits. SP temptation to make money in the past few years is profits, at that time, made a few million master, belongs to the gray Wangzhuan income. Because SP temptation is to cheat the sex of the message costs, there is no relevant legal constraints. I believe that we have encountered such a temptation to porn station (not dew point, does not violate the law).

fifth, hundreds of yuan to sell your brush station software, designed brush advertising commissions, such as some time ago the big scam "fairy bone rash and too much in haste". Advertising alliance (by)