Entrepreneurial companies sigh those who are willing to change the fate of the sale of the dead

After the release of the

national enterprise registered capital restrictions, the rapid growth of the number of start-up companies. It is easy to register, but it is difficult to recruit. Especially the sales post. According to the statistical data of ant recruitment, the turnover of sales positions is very little, which is far lower than the technical and administrative positions. To this end, a number of ant recruitment visits are hiring sales customers, we generally have the following complaints: resume fewer people, about the interview, not hired to post, the gang to suck…


ant recruitment interview for a large number of job seekers, summed up the following reasons:

1, lack of stable career path

2, income instability

3, need to ask for help, did not face

4, fear of being rejected

5, working pressure

6, a large number of private time occupied

7, lack of confidence in their ability to communicate

above these reasons, most of the objective existence. And for such an extremely strong demand for jobs, there is no one to provide appropriate courses and training colleges and universities.

where did all the sales go,


70, living in the era of material wealth, generally for success, money, change the fate of a strong heart. Although the need for sales of the face hot ass cold paste, but can quickly accumulate wealth contacts, work in droves.

after 80, after the 70 cultural appeal, although for this kind of work is not enthusiastic, but also do not resist.

90, living in the era of material and spiritual culture extremely developed. Work is not the whole life, not even the point. They advocate freedom and pursuit. For the sale of such extreme murder personality positions, natural aversion.

so, what’s the problem with the bosses,


1, there will be a brave


"the wolf of Wall Street" is actually an excellent teaching film, tell you how to motivate and train the sales team. There is no secret, under the temptation of high economic returns, can not find people. This requires you to sell the product itself has a very high profit margins. Therefore, not all products are suitable for sale in the traditional way.

2, marketing is dead, marketing immortal

everyone generally extremely offensive to promote the phone. Telemarketing more and more difficult to fight, many users are also automatically shielded, not to mention it is difficult to recruit enough qualified sales personnel.

ant recruitment of their own development experience is a good case. The initial sales team, after a few months can not improve the low efficiency of the promotion. Ant recruitment completely abandoned