As a higher circle has been quietly rising

in the higher, in addition to a number of training institutions earns more and more, there is a class on training institutions "circle" has been quietly rising.

for the "circle" as a not very understanding, but also exposed to some of the earliest, heard is to understand understand baituan, is said to have entered the circle of the high threshold, the entry fee of 1000 yuan, the annual income must be entered before they can enter at around 300 thousand. After contact with a number of users engage in various circles, but mainly around the circle to make money.

circles in the end what?

is a kind of simple minded people composed of social groups, in the higher, more in a leading group led by big brother gathered people trying to earn money.

What is the significance of the


good circle is indeed very meaningful, not only to provide us with a variety of contacts, access to some of the latest industry information, of course, can also learn a variety of useful knowledge on a regular basis. With a summary of the most simple words is that the network is equal to the money, the circle can provide you.

so this requires a circle of the organizers, need to have a good organization and adjustment ability, know the circle everyone’s specialty, and can be a very good match and their organization, give full play to their strengths, to obtain their needed resources for them.

circle should be well managed to pay attention to what?

wants to run a good circle, starting from the final objective of the circle, the circle is higher since the hope to need each other’s contacts and knowledge, then you need to set a high threshold in the circle of the moment. High threshold is to enter the circle requires a certain high cost, while those who have to join a certain amount of resources. If the entrant has resources, even if he does not pay the cost, but also to welcome him to join, because such a person can bring value.

is a high threshold to ensure the quality of the base circle, but let the circle to circle for everyone to have a value, we need the organizers of further guidance, we must fully understand the members within the circle of expertise, demand, at the same time to share activities through regular organization to guide members to share exchange.

on the circle of the last message to

In fact, for

as a circle, I don’t know, did not want to run the desire, but recently I have seen many people organized circle recruitment activities, so I want to talk about this thing. On the circle, if business is good, really can let everyone benefit a lot, I have recently joined Jason’s "inner circle" not only minimally invasive industry regularly received a lot of new practical business information, but also to make a group of good friends, but this circle was established not long, also some shortcomings, such as the sharing activities the organization is not much, but has been very good, because the circle of founders Jason himself is doing its own guidance of small and medium-sized enterprises, at the same time, he is also very good pay and good match you, listen to.