Google adense account related question

question: a person can use several accounts id
              answer: absolutely not.

question: a GGAD account advertising code can be put on a lot of Web site or blog? Will not be cheating?

;           answer: not cheating

question: I don’t have a computer, do the ads are still hanging in the bar figure, I usually on the Internet IP address is not fixed, it will not affect the stability of my AdSense account? Will there be account problem?
          & nbsp;     answer: hello;   thank you for your letter. This does not violate the AdSense plan policy.

application Google Adsense account notes:

(1) ensures accurate application information. The application for Google Adsense requires a manual review by Google Adsense staff, and not every application can be successfully passed, so please ensure that the information you fill in is accurate.

(2) master the application time. In the application of Google Adsense account, there is an important part of your web site, that is to say in a formal application before your website has been officially released, the content of the website is legitimate and rich, should not apply for a Google Adsense account before you apply for the site; if you have a web site, only fill in a relatively high quality. After the application is approved can be advertising code in other sites.

(3) payee name is correct. This information is related to the receipt of your Google check whether the smooth cash to the bank to cash problems, can not be careless. But once the application Google Adsense account, the payee name can not be changed (Chinese name and Pinyin name can modify), if you borrow someone’s name for the US dollar cheque payee is the name of others in the future, to each bank check collection procedures require the use of other people’s identity card and bank account think about this, how much trouble.

Uniqueness of

(4) payee address. For the first time to apply for Google Adsense, if your address has been applied for the application, then the application may be rejected, in this case, you can change an address to re apply. The recipient’s address may be modified after the application is approved, but the recipient country may not be modified, such as