Taobao single page product selection errors caused by the painful experience

March 17, 2012, I launched a skin care brand’s official website. Because I am Taobao guest novice, not what good experience on product selection on single page, read some of the Raiders, will start doing the unsuspectingly. I choose the skin care brand, in line with the "Baidu index 100~1000" "Commission high" "competitive small" three principles, originally thought should soon have benefits, who know I was wrong.

After the

website, I started learning SEO, every afternoon to each big BBS to send the chain, basically to reply, every day the chain growth number is about 10~30, the number is not large, the quality is not high. The evening began to update the article 1, false original or original.

25 days later, more gratifying is that the weight of the site grew to 2, the main keywords are ranked in the first page, ranked in the top 3 is also a lot (as shown in the chart, the recent ranking monitoring). But this time the problem appeared, IP little, up to 70, but also on the line more than a month, has not yet produced benefits. I started to analyze the reasons.

1, high product price. The store’s product price is generally high, less than 200, the average price of between 300~600. Buy a total of up to thousand dollars. Is a relatively high-end products. Coupled with this brand is relatively new, from the evaluation can be seen, fewer people buy. In this regard, we can see that the conversion rate of this product will be very low.

2, the official website of the product Baidu brand promotion. Baidu search the main word, the first layout is full of brand promotion, the original few customers have been pulled to the official website.

3, the official Tmall flagship store to do Baidu promotion. Baidu search keywords, the second is the XX flagship store, 70 percent off limit". The remaining part of the customer was pulled to the.

4, Baidu’s natural ranking click on the relevant. Due to the official to do a variety of Baidu promotion, click on the amount is relatively high, leading to the official natural ranking is also high, generally ranked first. Some of the There is not much left. advertising, see the search results of customer flow basically to rank the first official website.

5, long tail keywords. For example "XXX" XXX cosmetics how "how", although ranking on the first page, every day there are some traffic, but to the shop, because the first reason to appeal, resulting in the conversion rate is very low, so the loss of customers.

analysis of some of their copious and fluent on product choice shortcomings, expectation and novice Amoy were discussed. On the next page of the product selection, I think I will have a wealth of experience, to share with you.

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