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search engine submission site included general situation and
there are three basic methods to make your site indexed by search engines:
by free submit directly submit sites
some of the major search engines and most smaller search engines provide a table to search engine, you can free to submit your site, this is a good way. For each search engine, you only need to fill in the form submitted to the URL, and then submit the home page on it. You do not need to submit your site every month, if the site has been indexed, still keep making repeated submission, in addition to wasting time without any effect, but also will not improve your site.
not all major search engines can provide a Free submission form. This is not surprising, you do not have to worry about. Sometimes there is no need to submit to the major search engines, because they will find links to other sites through your site. That’s why it’s important to add a link to your site as soon as possible.
the main search engine, if there are other good links to your site, so your site will be very easy to find. The best way to determine where a site can be found is to submit it to the main directory, which is then indexed by the search engine. This is also a good choice for the search engine to choose, because the list in the web site has been edited to view and have considered whether or not included. Therefore, in addition to looking through the directory to find your site, through the main search engine to find the site is also very important. First, make sure your site is included in the following directory, the directory can be indexed by the search engines, and are free of charge:
"more search engines and directories
when submitted to the directory. It is best to spend some time to find a suitable directory and understand each directory submission guidance. Only by adhering to their guidance, you can increase the probability of being included, reduce the waiting time included.