Entrepreneurial choice live on the platform under the tree to find good shade

on Saturday, customers come to our company to talk about something, and we chatted on the WeChat POP system, they said WeChat POP frame built on the WeChat platform, WeChat should change what policy, your system is not wasted? In fact they are not the first question, even our boss asked me the same question. Really! Live under others’ risk of unpredictable platform.

platform is a kind of rule, there are different rules will form a variety of platforms, you and I, we all live under different rules, so you will find that the state is a platform, the industry is a platform, the enterprise is a platform, the area is a platform, even every family is a platform. Even the mighty state-owned enterprises also live under this big platform of national rules, each enterprise is a fair competition in the industry norms, each of the small shops in the area of the district where the survival of the fittest, every family has their own way of life, every day we are in contact with the form of every kind of platform.

so you will find that we are living in the platform, if you are a student of the school is your platform, if you work out your company’s platform, if you are a storytellers teahouse is your platform, if SEO is your occupation is your Baidu platform, if you do the media marketing is your platform, your life, your work, your future is in a variety of platforms between.

Whether you are doing

Android or IOS APP, are looking for opportunities in other platforms, whether you do APP much success, as long as you live platform was banned, and you will be the old platform to share the risk is banned, your brilliant achievements will start from zero, and for for exploring new platform to pay more price.

but we do not have to live in other people’s projects under the platform, because everyone is the same, but the platform is not the same as the survival of each other. WeChat is also live under the mobile network operator platform, in the interests of operators to be touched, they are under the same rules of operators pressure, although such mobile operators will not cut it off, cut WeChat will blow the whole mobile Internet industry, but also for operators is good will expand effect of data service operators, because everyone’s business is be closely related and mutually dependent and mutually beneficial.

Since we

and platform is mutually interdependent, so we are not the relationship with the platform, but the relations of cooperation, excellent platform needs excellent product support, Appstore’s success is also due to the presence of a large number of outstanding inside APP Android, although the division is so bad, but there are still many excellent APP to help them grow, let the market share of Android than apple become the most widely used intelligent mobile phone system, Taobao is relying on shopkeepers to create brilliant sales let taobao.com become a leader in the field of B2C. The >