Website marketing tips

      how to establish a reputation, drive traffic, improve brand loyalty, in the current severe economic situation, it is not easy. But if a company is good at picking up, there are a few tricks to ensure success.

      selected products
      online sales of the first principle is to sell the right product, which can not make more mistakes for small companies, especially so. Trying to sell inappropriate products on the Internet is not like putting a horse in a carriage, even if you are doing well in other ways, you still can’t succeed.
      not every product is suitable for online sales, and really suitable products may have reached saturation in the field of e-commerce. Yankee group analyst Adi Kishore suggested before the establishment of new e-commerce companies to assess, he said: "seriously analyze your business model. Did anyone else do it? To develop specialty products." Kishore emphasizes that popular products are suitable for online transactions, but are often sold so far by the online retail giant that there is no interest in them. The secret is a unique product in a popular product development oriented niche market.

    targeted advertising;   advertising campaign is another hidden trap. For the majority of small e-commerce companies, large-scale advertising activities not only cost too high, even not suitable for their own. "If you’re using an ad that’s overwhelming, you’re wasting half your budget, and you don’t know which half of the waste," said IDC Research Manager Jonathan Gaw. Instead, companies should explore more targeted (and sometimes experimental) promotions. For small companies, the good news is that they will learn from this experience is not necessary as many e-commerce pioneers like eating bitterness after.
      in the search for the dissemination of marketing information targeted media, the key is to consider from a number of channels. For example, a company trying to trade online, does not mean that you can ignore the traditional promotional opportunities. Even in cyberspace, not all online promotions, there are e-mail and informal channels of contact these opportunities. Ideally, the promotion strategy does not take into account the differences between channels, because in today’s multi-channel sales environment, all channels help to promote the advertising of e-commerce.
      in short, small companies should develop a series of complementary promotional programs. "Specific targeted media serve a particular audience, e-mail newsletters, some chat rooms, specific sites, and print magazines are potential advertising channels." Yankee group Ki>