My little webmaster career lasted four years

Saturday afternoon, I was still working, free mind, ready to write this four years. May be a long and minute statement may, a few. Where to write.

may have 99% of the forum is the webmaster friends, I and everyone is also a peer for four years.

said 09 years thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers I entered the University, started the university life, from high school to start the network full of passion I chose, software engineering industry. At the beginning of a large, or the vegetable vegetable bird I, especially love to do. Of course, the school’s Web site design I also won the two prize. For their own is also a great inspiration.

10 years, I am very fond of hei/k technology, began to build web site to share the knowledge of hei/k. Finally, for various reasons, was forced to shut down. But I did not give, I choose the free service, do a "network" of the community. To share a variety of things, because it is still a rookie, do not know how to optimize, do not know how to do stand. Every day in their own site in the self appreciation, ha ha, was also exposed to the Google ad, unfortunately, I can not apply for a free domain name. Finally, the final closed.

10 years later, I did a play what game site, every day to share some fun flash games. When is the purchase of space and.Net domain name. For the first time I felt the privilege of top-level domain name, let me know, do stand content must be single-minded. Not out of order, no location. At that time I was through game site rash and too much in haste, earn some money, do not own up at least cost space domain. But the weather is unpredictable, one morning to open the site, found that the content of the site is not. On the FTP view that the content has been deleted. Contact space business is a bit of nonsense. Angrily, determined to no longer open station.

11 years I was somewhat indignant, although do not want to do, but to build up their own independent blog, independent blog can say is I stand to do since the latest web site. For 2 years, met a lot of friends, contact the blog alliance, daily visits to pine brother blog, can be said to be awfully. Since then came into contact with the SEO, SEO have a general understanding, but not deep understanding, just know that SEOER is really open blog.

to 13 years, I am also a senior, and face the pressure of work, every day walking in the major recruitment sites, walk every day in front of major companies. Make a living for yourself. The blog is wasted. But I learn professional knowledge is very good, is not very difficult to find a software engineer, in a small three line city, doing my programmers work, earn a month lived a hard life with 5000 dollars.

may be 4 years or longer or shorter, and the experience of the past four years may be in the form of 1000 words