LC style network PGC model of the beautiful said

July 26th, sponsored by the entrepreneur, jointly sponsored by the fashion media group innovation Chinese 2012 are special Finals held in Beijing 798 Ullens Center for contemporary art. The site will be fierce competition, fashion consumption related project was born three, qualify for the 2012 finals directly Chinese innovation. Seventh shows the company for the LC style network company.


figure for LC style web site shows the source:

below is the live record:

Ma: after just as many entrepreneurs say, there are a lot of feelings, to thank the entrepreneur and fashion group here, to be able to venture in this area inside the fashion business on the Internet, the team have such an opportunity to give the media a chance, let us tell us, what we are doing.

and hearing what speech, I will feel the fashion business is a very difficult thing, although we do is a beautiful thing, but when you put the traditional fashion industry with the rapid development of the current, the fierce competition in the Internet and mobile Internet together, I I believe all our entrepreneurial team will have a deep feeling. Why do I say that? Yesterday just flew back from Hangzhou, Hangzhou with the electricity supplier of many partners to negotiate, the next LC style network will bring professional fashion Taobao global purchase of the entire channel, every day about 6 million China online shopping user segment is the highest.

just came back from Hangzhou, not what color, when fashion, is not particularly emboldened, because every entrepreneur are actually required for the United States, I think this is a kind of spirit is the core of the team.

LC style network do, may start from fashion, our team DNA is the fashion media background, I in the fashion magazine industry did about more than and 10 years, then the members of our team 2/3 is a girl, also in fashion media or graduated from fashion design overseas institutions, we together. After 85, 90 girls to management team of employees, with efficiency and mode of the Internet in doing what is this thing? We will from the T table, every season from above the trend line style translation to the user, and the trend is how come? Or how to fashion what is the fashion? Law? It is actually a continuation of many laws of the traditional line industry, every year, the designer brand, these media celebrities or artists to fast fashion and fashion street shoot rapid amplification Now, to the spread of fashion, these are changing into the traditional fashion industry, and in the new media, forward under the new technology, we see from a new link between the original traditional paper magazine with the goods, so we look at fashion magazines, may from above when the season will see a lot of popular, how to collocation, different style, brand story.