The development of network advertisement and enterprise network marketing

yesterday saw the news mentioned Tencent launched advertising precise positioning system, can be said to be a major innovation in Internet advertising technology, so different users in the website login can see different forms of advertising, better services for advertisers.

precise positioning of the introduction of advertising technology allows me to strengthen the Internet advertising will become a new point of view of the traditional enterprise marketing strategy. Site planner

and the main factors affecting the development of online advertising are the following:

1 traditional industry advertisers to online advertising awareness and understanding. According to my observation, most traditional enterprise network knowledge and the development of network technology has led to serious gap, the traditional enterprise understanding of the network remained at the initial stage, so the understanding of advertising on the network is relatively insufficient, the choice of advertising media is more emphasis on traditional newspapers, TV etc..

2 network advertising intermediaries can make the same as traditional media advertising plan.

3 network advertising effect monitoring. Now the monitoring of Internet advertising often appear false and inaccurate, I think it is mainly due to fraud and monitoring technology of network advertisement intermediary and delivery website is not mature, which restricts the development of network advertising to a great extent.

now the Internet has penetrated into all walks of life, the progress of the network will lead to the form of the competitiveness of enterprises, many large and medium-sized enterprises began to pay attention to the network marketing, have established the enterprise website, by means of network marketing is the largest advertising investment in the network, and the most common and most of the form is the site of the picture FLASH, and text ads, I think that if the strength of the enterprise can start building a network marketing department, lay the foundation for future market competition, market competition in a variety of forms of network marketing.

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